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Imagine if life, even with medical needs, were simpler and more organized. It can be. Meant for caregiver, parent, and individual use, LionHeart is proud to introduce the industry’s first all-in-one mobile, medical platform, LionHeart.


Empowering You

Caregivers are already required to be specialists and, with this all-in-one application, giving you the right tools, LionHeart empowers to take charge of your medical information. By filling in the information sections in LionHeart, you will have the correct information that your doctor needs to make proper diagnoses.

Simplifying Healthcare

By putting your medical history, records, and tracking all in one place that you always have with you, your smartphone, you will have all the necessary information when you need it and will make each doctor’s visit count. You won’t have to repeat tests because your specialist hasn’t received the result from your primary care provider; you have it with you. LionHeart is designed to help overwhelmed individuals, parents, and caregivers provide accurate care by eliminating mistakes and saving money and valuable time.


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Make it Collaborative

Whether your spouse and you are taking care of your son or daughter or an aging parent with your siblings, LionHeart has you covered. With the ability to share information and sync to the cloud, multiple caregivers will have all the information they need. The vision for LionHeart is not to replace doctors and medical providers, but rather to work with them to give them accurate and more complete information.

Peace of Mind

LionHeart’s collaborative function, you will have the piece of mind that care is given. Whether you go out on a date and have a babysitter for the night or you care for your parent with your siblings, you will never miss or double up on medications. In an emergency situation, you or caregiving team will have all the information an emergency room doctor will need without having to recall information in a stressful situation.


Lion’s Story

In 2010, Tammy’s son Landen Lion was born. Her husband, Joe, and her had no idea anything was wrong until doctors told them the words no parent wants to hear, “there is something wrong with your baby.” All the doctors knew was he had a failing heart and he didn’t have much hope for survival. Tammy and Joe knew their son had a tough fight ahead of him, so they gave him the middle name Lion. Lion represented strength and courage and our hope for their son to live.

At 3 months old, he received a miracle of a new heart. This gift was given to him by a sweet baby girl named Claire. Although they were excited that their son now had a chance at life, doctors had warned Tammy and Joe that a heart transplant wasn’t a cure; it was a trade with it’s own set of consequences. One of them being their little 3 months old, baby boy only had a 50% chance of celebrating his 10th birthday. When Tammy and Joe heard this, they asked the surgeon what they could do to better that statistic. The doctor told us something they haven’t forgotten. The doctor told them to be involved in his medical care. Tammy, like any other parent, would do anything and everything possible for her son to be here, even if only one more day. To do this, she has learned that she needs to be not only involved, but be the driving force in his medical care.

Our mission is to provide everyone with both the education and the tools necessary so they too can be the driving force in their medical care.