Our Holiday Traditions

Our Holiday Traditions

On the Eve of Christmas, the LionHeart Innovations family wanted to share with you some of our fun holiday traditions. Hopefully, by glancing over this list you will be able to get a glimpse into some of the fun things we do with our families and maybe find a new idea for a tradition to start in your own home.

  • That Creepy Little Elf – Like him or hate him, some families have a lot of fun when their elf pulls some naughty and nice tricks every morning after returning from his daily report to Santa.
  • Advent Calendars – There are inexpensive chocolate countdowns or you can get fancy (or not) and make your own. Pinterest comes in handy here.
  • Countdown Chains – Take one ring off for each day counting down to Christmas.
  • The Ho Ho Fairy – This fun fairy isn’t like her elfin friend, she never shows up in person, just leaves fun things in the morning to countdown the 12 days of Christmas. Usually they are things encouraging family time like puzzles, games and books.
  • Reading as a Family – Right before bed, on the Eve of Christmas Day, our family Patriarch pulls out the bible to read the nativity story. If you aren’t into that sort of thing but still celebrate the holidays? Try reading any fun Christmas story like the Night Before Christmas.
  • New Pajamas – Many families have a tradition of opening one gift Christmas Eve, new pajamas. Often matching for great Christmas morning photo ops!
  • The Polar Express – Watch the movie The Polar Express together as a family while drinking hot cocoa. (Try not to let their creepy non-blinking eyes get to you!)
  • The Minivan Express – Get ready for bed as usual but when the kids get in bed they find a ticket (Polar Express ticket printables online!) Hop in the car with hot cocoa, drive around and look at the lights! (Don’t forget to punch the ticket!)
  • Annual Ornaments – Pick out an ornament for each family member, this can be a fun family event if your children are older than mine. Label them with each child’s name and the year. It’s fun to see what each child picked out in the previous years and when they leave home they start with some of their own ornaments to decorate their tree. (Really, some of my husband’s ornaments from the 80’s are GREAT!)
  • Make a Garland – You can get quite creative with tree garlands as your children grow older but you can always start with the easy traditional garland ingredients, popcorn and/or Fruit Loops.
  • Decorating Cookies – It’s a pretty common tradition for families to make and decorate sugar cookies to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve. Fun, and messy!
  • Christmas Books – At the beginning of the holiday season wrap all of your Christmas books (start collecting them now!) and each night have a child choose a book to unwrap and read before bed time. Keep your books together with your Christmas decorations.
  • Christmas Music – Day after Thanksgiving it’s on! There is not enough time in the year for Christmas music! Get recommendation for a new Christmas album to add to your collection each year.
  • Messiah Sing Along – See if anyone in your area performs a Messiah sing in. Whether you can sing or not these are so fun! So many people sing they make up for the bad ones like me! Handel’s Messiah is beautiful and we are lucky that our small city orchestra does a performance every year.
  • Holiday Performances – In addition to the Messiah, you can also attend a community performance of The Nutcracker or a Christmas Carol.
  • Make Snowflakes – Paper snowflakes make great decoration hanging around the house or taped to the windows. For younger kids they can be very siple but others can be quite intricate. Make them together for a family night.
  • Letters to Santa – Help your children write letters to Santa, it’s fun to see how they spell things and what they come up with. My seven year old asked for the “Noo Maryo” this year (New Mario).
  • Sibling Gift Shopping – Take your children to the dollar store to have them choose present for each other and the other parent. Where else can mom get cheap BRIGHT eye shadow but from a loving four-year-old on Christmas morning?
  • Make Reindeer Food – Mix small bags of oats, candy sprinkle and glitter to sprinkle on the lawn the night before. Hoping to attract Santa’s reindeer and to give them a little treat during their busy night.
  • Follow Santa Around the Globe – Track Santa throughout the night on Norad. Here is the link to check on him as the night goes on.

No matter how you plan to celebrate this holiday season, what amazing things you have in store, we wish your heart to be filled peace and joy that will follow you through the next year.

Happy holidays from the LionHeart Team!


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