A World Without Loss- Suicide Prevention

A World Without Loss- Suicide Prevention

“Oh sad…” I observed out loud to my mother the other day as I was looking through FaceBook on my phone. I continued “… someone died.”

My mom seemed shocked, “who!?”

“A baby, it happens all the time, babies die, and it’s sad.” I said.

She said “It doesn’t happen all the time in my world! I wish you lived in a world like mine where babies don’t die all the time.”

That’s just it. It is my world. Special needs kids die all the time… not only in my local support groups but the world is small, we are close together now. Because of my associations, those I have made through Dylan, I hear about children dying all over the United States, or beyond. Often. Far too often actually. And it’s been a bad winter.

It’s hard, and it’s sad and it’s stressful. But nothing broke my heart more than hearing of a special needs mom who chose to take her own life last week. She left behind five children, three of whom have some kind of special needs. Can you imagine the heavy load she must have been bearing to leave her family?

The despair?

Oh, it’s horrible, and I tear up thinking about it again… and again. I can’t stop thinking about it actually. Not only do babies die in my world but moms do too? I can’t handle it.

I get it, sometimes the stress is unbearable the divorce rate for special needs parents is through the roof. But we don’t have to do it alone, we have each other. I am glad I have this platform to not only unite special needs parents but also to hopefully let them know they aren’t alone.

And now, to let them know there is help available if life, our life, just gets to be too much. Please, if you need help, seek it out. Here are some resources.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
FaceBook – www.facebook.com/800273TALK
Phone – 1-800- 273-TALK (8255)
Web – www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Suicide Prevention Resource Center:
Web – www.sprc.org

Take 5 to Save Lives:
Web – www.take5tosavelives.org

If you prefer books that have helped, and a holistic approach – These books were recommended:
Alternative Mental Health – hwww.alternativementalhealth.com
Could it be B12: An Epidemic of Misdiagnosis – Purchase on Amazon


We experience too many losses as is, to know that something could have been done to prevent a lost life is just heart-breaking. Please, know that there is help. The world is absolutely not a better place without you in it.


  1. That is so sad! I wish people wouldn’t feel such desperation and would know there is hope.

  2. Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. So sad and heartbreaking for the Dad and kids.

  3. Thank you for posting this. It is hard to imagine what that mother must have been feeling to make such a tragic, permanent choice, but that worst part is that 10% of our country’s population will feel similarly at some point. I recently joined the LionHeart team and I think this will need to be an addressed issue in the platform, as mental health is every bit as important as physical health.


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