Dealing With Sharps!

Dealing With Sharps!

Recently in a group I am in on social media a mom who was new to the sharps world asked how she is supposed to expose of her used needles if her red plastic sharps container hadn’t come. She happened to be in my same state and I was like “I know this!”

It has been a while but Dylan has had a couple medications administered with a needle in her little lifetime.

I told her that in our state it was legal to label, tape closed and toss your sharps in a regular plastic container (she had been collecting them in a milk jug, which is pretty common I believe and exactly what I had used when I needed to.)

After I gave her that information I Googled and found out I was wrong! Sort of. Even though I thought I was doing the right thing with my sharps, I wasn’t. You are not supposed to toss them in a CLEAR container, like a milk jug, it should be opaque (think laundry detergent or bleach jug), Whoops!

Not only that but you can’t put the red plastic sharps containers in the regular garbage because they are labeled biohazard. In this case it’s not the sharps that are the problem, it’s the container! Oh my word… guilty… wait…

(This is me hoping the statute of limitations is up…)

Well none of these disposal methods are very convenient, you would think those red containers would be the better option. You can’t get those needles out once they are in there, but if you can’t throw the container away it doesn’t do you any good.

After admitting my error, I gave her a link to find more information for our specific state.

Turned out, most of the special needs parents in the group didn’t know how to dispose of them either… so here is a handy link for you!

Click here to view sharps disposal information by state.

(Many many thanks to for putting all the information together!)

Hopefully this will reach someone else who needs this information! Happy disposaling!


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