The Parking Mobility App

The Parking Mobility App

A couple of years ago my husband and I discussed and decided to get disability license plates for our cars. Even though Dylan isn’t in a wheelchair, she was getting too heavy! Well, and because she is a big sister and needs to be carried, what about the baby?

Most of the time we don’t need to use it. If we go out with just her, if it’s a short walk, if the parking lot is open, and, of course, when she isn’t with us. But… when we need it, we really need it, so it’s nice to have that available for us.

Last night my husband and I took the kids to run errands, one of which was me running into a store to pick up a prescription. While my husband was waiting for me to come out (in a regular parking stall of course!) he noticed a car pull into an accessible parking stall, people pop out and go in the store, no license, no hang tag, no nothing. They shouldn’t have used that spot. When I came out he made the observation and I said…

“There’s an app for that!”

No, I am not kidding! If you see someone misusing the accessible parking spaces there is an app that will allow you to submit a couple pictures of the offending vehicle. The app uses GPS to identify your current location, and notifies your local law enforcement and they take things from there. You have done your part. Community service, check!

While I was downloading the app (don’t wait until the last minute like I did…) we noticed two more cars without disability plates or tags, one directly in front of the one we originally noticed and one in front of the next store over. REALLY? Three in one shot! Boom, boom, boom!

“YOU have awareness, now YOU have awareness, now YOU have awareness!”

What makes these spaces so special? You might think it’s just the proximity to the door and the ramps, which is part of it of course, but did you know that these spaces are a little wider to accommodate a wheelchair to be pulled into the aisle between the cars? And this isn’t even the special van accessible spaces which are even wider and often have the painted lines next to the stall. This allows for a wheelchair ramp to be in place and for the wheelchair to be wheeled from the van with ample space.

No - This does not mean 'reserved parking for you!' Frowny face.

No – This does not mean ‘reserved parking for you!’ Frowny face.

The app was created and named after Parking Mobility. From their website, “Parking Mobility is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community education and enforcement program designed to efficiently address accessible parking abuse in your community. As persons with a disability, we fully appreciate the importance and impact accessible parking has on health and safety. Our mission is to improve awareness in order to enhance access to every day life.”

For more information about Parking Mobility visit their website.

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  1. OMG. Just read….and I must download this app now! I’ve already taken pictures, but just to make a point with the offender (boy do they haul a** to move their vehicle when threatened with evidence!). But to be able to report them to the authorities? Priceless!

    • Shannon Anderson

      Haha! I know right? I think it takes a certain amount of effort and prioritization from law enforcement so it probably wouldn’t hurt to make a phone call to them to see if they follow up on the information received from this app. Especially if you have a repeat offender. I was in SHOCK when we saw so many, I think maybe I just hadn’t paid it enough attention before and now that I have the app I am on the lookout!


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