Toys We Love

Toys We Love

I know not all special needs children will want or need the types of toys Chloe loves, but I have been excited about a couple recent finds and wanted to share!

chimeabout special needs toy

This “Mirror Chimeabout” is Chloe’s latest favorite toy! It is reflective, noisy, and easy to spin. She loves to take beads or a keychain and use them to put it in motion and/or make noise. It was pretty expensive for a toy, but for us, it is worth it!

inflatable sensory tray special needs toys

This inflatable sensory tray is another hit at our house! I put anything sensory on it and let Chloe go to town. She especially loves things that make a giant mess like water, shaving cream, and rice. The edges come up just enough to keep things from spilling too much and the material doesn’t bother Chloe’s skin. And the price! You cannot beat this price. If you’ve looked up trays like this before, you will flip over the price this is on Amazon. Worth every penny!

special needs light show fan

Another recent hit is this LED animated light show fan. I got this for Chloe to have for entertainment at a recent hospital visit and I was so glad we had it! At night, I’d turn the lights off, clip this on the bed rail, turn it on, and Chloe would go wild. We’ve also used this on evening walks and in her bedroom. It is always a hit! If your child likes visual sensory input, you can’t beat this toy for the price!

special needs toy bell carousel

Chloe fell in love with a bell carousel at a physical therapy session so I ran home to find it online. It was outrageously expensive. I mean, honestly, I would have had to take out a loan to get it. But I found this smaller but nearly identical version for a sliver of the price. A sliver is smaller than a fraction, I’m guessing. Anyway, it was a no-brainer purchase and Chloe has absolutely loved it every bit as much as the expensive version. It spins so easily and the bells make a lovely noise that is not annoying….every mother’s dream, a toy that is not annoying!

What toys do your children enjoy playing with? We’d love to hear your tips or ideas!

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