Autism Art

Autism Art

Recently I came across an amazing little artist. Through social media her mom loves to share her art with anyone who will look and listen, which is pretty typical of a mom right? But there is nothing typical about this little budding artist.


Candy was diagnosed with Autism when she was three years old. She had been growing and developing just like most children until she started to lose some of the abilities that she had acquired, including talking. Candy is now non-verbal but is able to express herself through amazing paintings that she creates.

Autism takes away a person’s ability to communicate in typical ways. People diagnosed with Autism have difficulties in social interactions, verbal and non-verbal interactions and repetitive behavior. But, it turns out, can express themselves in ways that you wouldn’t expect.


Candy’s mother has been quoted as saying, “Where words fail, music and art speak.

Now 12, Candy is using her artistic ability to inspire to the world. She is encouraging everyone not to dwell on where someone might have challenges and instead focus on the amazing things they can do. People are picking up paintbrushes where they hadn’t before, and more importantly, parents are handing paint brushes to children they never thought would be interested in, or able to, create art.

Candy and her mother have been working hard to spread the word that it’s very important to provide children with Autism with outlets such as art and music, you never know what might connect with them and let them express themselves.


There is a news segment that featured Candy and her art work in their home town of Chicago. You can watch here.

For more information about Autism Artist and the amazing art that they create you can visit The Art of Autism’s website. The link to Candy’s art on this site is here.

To follow Candy and see the amazing work she creates, almost as she creates it, you can ‘like’ her FaceBook page.


All photos courtesy of Candy and her mom.


  1. I love all Candys photos.My grandson is Autistic&I love him.So smart.Please send me pics to my email from candy&others.


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