A Very Tubie Thanksgiving

A Very Tubie Thanksgiving

Mmmmm Thankgiving… It’s coming! And it brings one thing to mind. FOOD! Lots and lots of food! My mom makes the BEST oyster stuffing! I know, sounds yucky right? WRONG. Totally wrong. It’s so good. And turkey, and cranberry sauce, and potatoes with lumps in them. YUM.

Does food come first to mind for you too? YUM again! (I can’t help myself!)

To a tubie, Thanksgiving looks entirely different. No food allowed? Well this certainly presents a challenge to tubie families. How to make a holiday that revolves primarily around food special to someone who can’t have it?

This is the post for you! Here are some family Thanksgiving traditions we liked, and none have to do with food!

Watch the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV – It is so fun to watch the balloon handlers walk those giant balloons along the streets of New York! My kids love naming each balloon and singing along with the floats that have music. It’s a fun family tradition and there is something int he parade for all ages.

Your Own Turkey Bowl – Good old family football. Bundle up, grab some friends and family and meet at a park for some football. You won’t be alone, it’s kind of fun to drive by parks on Thanksgiving and see so many people outside playing together. I hear some people also watch football on TV as a tradition but this is far less appealing to me personally!

Turkey Crafts – Last Sunday my three year old came running in the house after church with papers in his hands. “Mom! See my turkeys! They are special!” He had colored a page with a couple turkeys on them. EASY for young kids. Google “turkey crafts” and you will find all sorts of turkey crafting options, most made with things you have laying around right now but you might want to have some construction paper on hand. Consider making a turkey and having your children write the things they are thankful for on each feather.

A Service Project – Thanksgiving is a good kick off to service projects and giving that will become much more prevalent through December. As the first cold month and maybe around the first snowfall you might want to consider making an easy flannel blanket or a tie quilt as a family that you can donate to a shelter. A kind family I know made some in kid sizes and dropped them of at a women’s shelter. It’s a great way to get kids involved and service minded which is an important lesson in our family.

Giving Thanks – A family that we know puts up a big white sheet of paper on their pantry door. Right in their kitchen as you walk in. It starts blank at the beginning of November but throughout the month people in the family add things that they are thankful for and they read them all as a family on Thanksgiving. What a beautiful tradition and undoubtedly, one that will make everyone in the family feel special themselves.

Thanksgiving Movies – Many families go to movies either on Thanksgiving day or the day after. They hit a good family show, together. If this isn’t your style or it’s out of your budget, you might want to consider curling up as a family to watch a holiday classic. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is one that comes right to mind but there are plenty of others. Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Home for the Holidays, Grumpy Old Men, Home Alone and more.

Board Games and Card Games – Make this a real family holiday, spend time together playing some of the games that usually sit on the shelf collecting dust. For the little kiddos, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Uno, for the older ones teach them some fun card games like Rummy, Golf and Hearts.

Get in the Christmas Spirit – Many families use Thanksgiving to kick-off the Christmas season as they start to decorate, draw names for gift exchanges, and start circling what they want in the toy catalogs. For some people, this is the day their tree goes up! It seems to also be a common day for tree lighting ceremonies that many cities put on so some people attend in person or watch on TV.

For families with tubies the Thanksgiving Holiday revolves around much more than food. Making it special for your tubie might take some extra work but coming up with new family traditions that will be remembered for a lifetime will make it totally worth it.

Make a holiday that revolves around food a favorite for your little tubie!

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