Giving Thanks to Special Needs Fathers

Giving Thanks to Special Needs Fathers

Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day and recognized dads everywhere for doing what they do best. Many of us know a very special type of dad, one of a special needs child. Sorry other dads, but these guys have to put in a little extra… For this us moms want to give you thanks.

(And for those of you who aren’t as familiar with amazing special needs fathers, this is a great glimpse into our lives.)

[title size=”2″]Thank you…[/title]
…for carrying the heavy child who can’t walk. You understand that without you, they wouldn’t be able to see the world.

…for planning for retirement for three people instead of two.

…for all of the phone calls: to the insurance companies to straighten things out or requesting audits or fighting for pre-approvals, to the medical supply company to figure out why received ten (or twenty?) envelopes in the same day.

…for taking the child who can’t control their emotions to a place that’s more quiet (or more loud). We love how you always know what they need and how you have the patience to follow through.

…for keeping us calm when we start to worry about the future.

…for helping to kindly educate others about your child and their needs and being patient and understanding when people say things they probably shouldn’t. We admit that sometimes we are a little too quick to judge and defend.

…for being on night duty while an exhausted mom gets some zzzz’s. (And maybe occasionally, pretends she is sleeping). Sometimes for hours, and even when you have to get up early in the morning for work.

…for taking the kids who might feel left out on special daddy dates and fun errands. It is clear that you are doing your best to make sure everyone gets “enough”.

…for surprising us by prepping the meds. It’s always nice to see everything already all lined up. It’s just like how food tastes better when you didn’t cook it.

…for arranging your schedule around doctor’s appointments when we need you to. And when you need to take them, remembering EVERY DETAIL for the mom who wishes she could be at two places at once.

…for not turning your back and running away when things get difficult and instead holding on tight, ready to weather (and sometimes shelter us from) whatever the storm might bring. We need your sanity.

…for teaming up on the cleaning up when we have “fed the bed”; one parent for the child, one parent for the bed. And sometimes the ceiling is involved, we aren’t quite sure how that happens…

…for doing the “evening shifts” at the hospital so we can be there during the day and with the other kids when we need to be. (We would say “sleeping at the hospital”, but we know very little sleeping actually occurs.)

….for giving the shots and willingly doing all of the other “hard” things. I mean… We would do it if we HAD to…

…for bringing your binder, with all of your notes and records, to provide back-up at the IEP meetings when it’s needed. Sometimes one parent just isn’t enough (even though it should be).

…for doing whatever it takes to makes the ends meet with the extra expenses of medications, therapies and co-pays. We know that over-time, extra shifts and side jobs aren’t your idea of a good time, but you do it all anyway, simply because it’s what needs to be done.

It is clear that we rely so much on our special needs dads; it’s nice to have a day set out to express our appreciation for all that they do. If you know a special father that should see that he is appreciated, share this list to let him know that we love him and to show others how much he means to you.

Do you have more to add? We are excited to see your comments of thanks about your special needs fathers.


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici


  1. This one made me cry a little. Blessings!!!

    • Shannon Anderson

      You know it, it was fun writing it through tears. I thought I was just a big baby, I am glad it’s not just me. <3

  2. Thanks you Shannon! That was an incredible Father’s Day gift! Thank you!!

    • Shannon Anderson

      Thank YOU for being one of the great ones! Happy Father’s Day!

  3. I want to add: for loving UNCONDITIONALLY. for never saying “I wish he could….. ” For loving him with all of your heart and making sure he never misses out on an experience.

    • Shannon Anderson

      Danelle – I love these! Thank you! “Loving unconditionally” perfectly describes our SN dads!


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