Kids Waivers – A useful link!

Kids Waivers – A useful link!

As a special need parent, you should know about waivers! I am way behind the curve when it comes to waivers and while I am trying to catch myself up I need to share the great information that I have found.

When calculating if your child qualifies for medical insurance with Medicaid many things factor in. One of the major factors is household income. Well, as many families with special needs kids know, our kids are far more expensive than any annual income will indicate. A waiver is a program that waives one or more qualification factors for Medicaid.

Diapers for special needs individuals are covered by Medicaid over a certain age! Diapers!

Complex Child e-Magazine has a project underway to make finding a waiver for your child easier. You can find the first completed stage of this project, A full list of children’s Medicaid waiver programs, here –

Hurry on over and get your child on the waiver list if you need assistance. My guess is that you do… and the waiting lists can be several years long depending on your state! The earlier you get on the list the better.

Thanks Complex Child e-Magazine!

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