1. Download App
  2. Create an Account. (email and password) NOTE: you will be using this password to get into the app each time because we want your information secure and protected.
  3. Add a CareMember. (This is someone you care for.) We at Lionheart believe you care for others best if you care for yourself as well. Please remember to create yourself as a Member also.
  4. Add Caregivers. (This is someone who will have the Lionheart app, and access CareMembers.) For each member you create, you can add caregivers for them. Currently, this is a primary Caregivers role, so you can not limit their access at this time.
  5. Add to Schedule. We are releasing Lionheart with our first tracker, medication, but there is more to come.
  6. Setup Medical ID. We want to make sure you have all essential information on the ones you love, in one place with a click of a button.
  7. Check your Settings. To optimize Lionheart, make sure your settings are correct.
  8. Begin taking charge of your medical care today.  See marking off medications, editing medication, adding medication not scheduled and navigating the app for more information on this.
What does each screen do?

CareNetwork: this is the screen you come to after you login. It has all of your       CareMembers in a circle. To go to a CareMembers’ page, you simple click on this member.

CareMember Page: After clicking on a member, you come to their individual page. On this page it lists upcoming tasks for that day. On this page there are three main parts:

    • CareMembers’ Name (This is whose page you are on.)
    • Side Menu (Slide your finger from the left to the right, or click on the 4 small lines on the top left hand side.)
    • Task List (List of what is due, upcoming and completed.)
    • Action Menu (On the button in dark grey.)

CareMembers’ Name: Is also a button itself. You can click through CareMembers simply by pushing the names. This can also be done on the CareNetwork Page.

Side Menu: This includes: CareNetwork, Caregivers (add or delete caregivers), Profile (edit this member’s profile), Settings (control notification and also manually sync app), Questions (don’t know how to do something…look here)  and Logout (allows you to manually logout of the app).

Task List: At the end of the day, this is where you see everything that is marked completed and you can say “I did everything” before getting some much needed rest.

Action Menu: This is where you Add/Edit Schedule (calendar with a plus button), Add Medical Entry (this is for any medication that is not scheduled that you took), LionHeart (this takes you back to the Task List), Caregivers (manage caregivers), and Medical ID (this pulls all you essential information into one place).


How do I add a CareMember?

Note: Remember to include yourself as a member. The most important thing you can do as a caregiver, is to take care of yourself.

Push the “+” button and follow the steps.


How do I add a Caregiver?

Click on the member you want to add a caregiver too. NOTE: At this time you have to add caregivers to each of your members. From here there are two ways:

  1. On the Tool menu, at the bottom, there is a button with 4 circles. Click on that button, push the Add button, and enter their name and email address.
  2. Push the side menu button (4 small lines on the top left corner), click on Caregivers, push the Add button, and enter their name and email address. They will receive an email inviting them to be a Caregiver. If they have Lionheart already, it will popup in their app the next time they open it. If not, the email will send them a link to download the app and setup a FREE account.


How do I set up my notifications to be most beneficial for Lionheart?

In your phone settings (symbol), click on Notifications, then click on Lionheart under the notifications, set your notifications as “Alerts”. This setting will allow you to mark off medications directly through your notification (by choosing “More Options” when a notification pops up), without having to log into Lionheart. Also make sure all options are on: Sounds, Badge on Icon, and Show on Lock Screen.

If you prefer Banner Notifications, you can still mark off tasks by pulling down notifications from the top, hitting Notifications, finding your Lionheart notification, sliding from right to left over the notification, and then mark as “Taken.”


How do I add a medication?

There are 2 ways to add a medication, but it depends on if this is a medication you would like to add to the schedule or a medication you just took. To add a medication to the schedule, click on the member you wish to add the medication to, on the bottom menu on the left hand side there is a button with a calendar and a plus sign. To add a new medication, hit “Medication” under “Add to Schedule”. Or to edit an existing medication, hit “Medication” under “Edit Scheduled Trackers”. Note: there are some text boxes that are optional (ie: End Date) you do not need to fill in these boxes. We have set it up to autofill the most common combinations, but you can correct these. If there is a medication type, form, strength, dose, or route that we have not included, please let us know either through the app in the side menu (4 small lines on the top left hand corner on a CareMember’s page) or with an email at For a non-scheduled medication, you push the “+” sign on the button menu and then enter in the information.

How do I mark that a medication was taken?

There are 3 ways to mark off medications:

  1. Through the notification. (You don’t have to go into the app to mark it off.) Please note if you have multiple medications at the same time, you can only mark off one this way and then it will take you into the app.
  2. Log into Lionheart, choose CareMember, touch the Lionheart logo, and push the circle button. (This will enter the current time as the time taken when the button pushed.)
  3. Log into Lionheart, choose CareMember, touch Lionheart logo, slide over circle button from right to left and hit On-Time or Dismiss.

You can also slide over the notification and hit “Taken”. NOTE: Currently, this will only work with one medication for that given time.

What if I don’t have an end date for a medication?

Leave it blank. “End Date” is optional. End Date is used for medications such as an antibiotic that you take for 1 week or 10 days.

What if a medication was given on time, but I forgot to mark it off. What can I do?

Instead of hitting the circle button, slide your finger over the medication from the right. This will display “On Time” and “Dismiss” options. Just hit “On Time” and it will be logged with the time scheduled.

What if a medication will not be given for any reason?

Instead of hitting the circle button, slide your finger over the medication from the right. This will display “On Time” and “Dismiss” options. Just hit “Dismiss” and it will dismiss the medication.

What if I marked off a medication on accident?

You can restore this medication by sliding from the right to the left over the completed task and “Restore” will appear, hit restore and the medication will be added back to your tasks.

How do I edit or delete a medication?

For a scheduled medication, you click on the calendar with a “+” sign on the button menu of a Care Member’s Page. Then click on the “Medication” button under “Edit Scheduled Trackers.” When your medication list comes up, you can click on it, and “Edit” and “Delete” buttons will slide over on the right side. To edit, hit edit and to delete, hit delete and then confirm it.

Where are the other trackers?

We are currently in the process of building them, but decided to launch with only the medication tracking. It is important for us to get user feedback with the overall system before we build additional features. This way we aren’t assuming what you need, we are actually in the market and understanding not only what you need, but why and how you will use it.

How do I set it so it does more than just send a notification when a medication is due?

In the side-menu, (to get to the side menu you need to be on a Care Member’s page and then click on the 4 short lines on the top left, or you can slide your finger from the right to the left) click on settings and then change “Notification Type”. “Default” is the typical notification peep, “Alarm” is an alarm, “None” is a notification sent, but no sound, and “Off” means no notification or sound at all.

What if my notifications are not working?

First, check your setting on the app (see above for explanation “How do I set it so it does more than just send a notification when a medication is due?”) and make sure it is on Default for the peep and Alarm for alarm sound. Second, make sure the volume of your phone is on. Third, check the setting on your phone. If you are still having problems, please contact us at


How do I edit a profile?

The individual’s profile is found on their CareMember’s page in the side menu (top left hand corner with the four small lines). Click the menu button and the profile will slide over from the left. Click Profile, and then edit on the far right of the bottom menu.


What is Medical ID?

Medical ID is a place for you to store essential medical information including surgeries, contacts, medical conditions, notes and even the medication you have taken in the last 24 hours (this is pulled from what you have logged in the app). This can be used for a doctor’s appointment or an emergency trip to the ER. In an emergency seconds can mean the difference between life and death and knowing your and your loved one’s medical history can save time and help protect from mistakes.

When would I use Medical ID?

Any time you need to recall your or your loved one’s medical information/history.

What is Medical Notes for?

We added Medical Notes for you to put the most essential information (top of the list). This could include allergies or medical alerts. Basically anything you would want someone to know about you first. We will continue to build Medical ID, so we would like your comments on what is most important to you, please email us at:

Can I access Medical ID in an emergency without logging into Lionheart?

Yes. If you would like this feature, go to the Settings in the side menu menu (top left hand corner with the four small lines). Hit the Menu button and then the Settings button. NOTE: you will still need to be able to log into your phone, but this way if you do not have internet service, you can still see essential medical information.

How do I edit Medical ID?

Push the Medical ID button (medical symbol located on the bottom menu of each CareMember’s page) and then hit Edit on the bottom menu right hand side.

Will I be able to send/email Medical ID?

We are currently working on secure messaging but this feature is not currently available. You could screenshot it (holding down off and the menu button on your phone at the same time and send it that way). We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this feature will be available soon.

Will there be more options for Medical ID?

There are more to come, but we would also like to hear from you. Our list is long, but we always want to know what is important to you. What do you want/need? Email us at or within the app in the side menu.


Is Lionheart secure?

Yes, we have secure login and we encrypt information using Microsoft Azure cloud services. We also do not share or access any of your information for any reason.

How do I get back to the CareNetwork page?

You can get back to the CareNetwork page in the side menu (top left hand corner with the four small lines). Click the menu button and then the CareNetwork button.

How do I switch to another CareMember?

There are two ways to do this. First, you can go back to the CareNetwork page and click on the member you want. Second, you can click the members name on their page and it will switch to the next member. You can continue to do this until you get to the member you want.

What if my app seems out of sync?

Although we do sync with the cloud frequently, you can always trouble shoot with our manual sync button located in side menu under Settings. NOTE: it does take a few seconds to sync all the information.

How do I see what I need to do tomorrow?

Once on a CareMember’s page you can navigate between days by pushing the arrows located under the Member’s name on the right hand-side. Left is yesterday and past days and right is tomorrow and future days.

What if I forgot to mark off medication yesterday?

We have all done it. Simply go to yesterday (clicking on the left arrow, under the Member’s name) and go through your medications and mark as “On Time” for each medication. NOTE: if you push the circle button it will mark it as if you took it now (today)…if this happens pull over and hit restore on the Completed task and do it again remembering the “On Time” option.

What if I forget to mark off medications for a week?

We, too, have done this and no one wants to see they have 63 tasks to do, so after 48 hours we auto dismiss tasks that were not marked as done. We at Lionheart know you are busy and sometimes something has to give. We do not want to make Lionheart a burden, but a tool.

What if I don’t have cell phone service?

Without cell phone service you will still receive notifications. You will not be able to mark off a task completed, however, without service. You will also be able to access Medical ID without service, if you have your setting to do so. Click here to find out how to set those settings.

How do I delete a CareMember?

To delete a CareMember, hold down on that member until a prompt comes up. Confirm this prompt and that member is deleted. Once they are deleted you will not be able to access them. This only deletes them from your app. So if there are other caregivers who have access to the information, and you would like to change that you’ll need to ask them to delete as well.

How do I delete a Caregiver?

To delete a Caregiver, go to Caregivers (either in the side menu accessed by pushing the four small lines at the top left hand corner, or sliding from left to right, or at the action menu on the bottom (four circles)). Just like CareMember you hold down on the name until a prompt comes up. Once they are deleted, they are deleted, but you can add them again by pushing the plus sign and following the steps to Add Caregiver.

What happens if I forget my password?

Just type in your password wrong and you will be given a prompt to change password.

Remember: We are caregivers ourselves and built this company from our need to care for our son Lion, but it isn’t just about us, we want to build this WITH you, so please give us suggestions of what we are missing at NOTE: explaining it in use-case or explaining how you would use this feature better helps us see the best way to design and program it.

Why is this important?

At Lionheart we believe that the best way to improve healthcare is to personally take control over your and your loved one’s life. We created Lionheart to give you the tools to do this. We want tools to enable you to work more effectively with your care providers and your care team.

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