How do you relax?

How do you relax?

The stress! Oh the stress! So much to do, so much to worry about! Through all of this you need to remember to take care of you. If you are not healthy and happy, this negatively impacts your ability to care for your child. What do you do to give yourself a little break?

This was recently asked in an online special needs forum and the answers were great! I loved hearing the ideas that people had. Here are a few that I can share.

A pedicure – apparently I am the crazy one, I don’t like people touching my feet and messing with them! Not to mention, I fancy myself a runner and I need those callouses where they are! Regardless if I like them or not, they are very popular… So grab yourself an hour and some pretty toes! Moms and dads!

A manicure – need some pretty nails to match your new pretty toes?

A massage – oooo-k, now we are talking. Now THIS sounds like a good idea! You don’t have to go to an expensive spa, we know that we don’t really have time for that. However, there are a lot of massage therapists set up to work out of their homes as well as massage schools, these places tend to be a bit less expensive. Ask around for a recommendation.

Okay okay, having special needs family members is pricey, I get it (believe me) so let’s talk free. (Though, if you can occasionally take a break and can afford it, think about a massage… I will be…)

  • A bubble bath – Quiet time anyone? Sometime I wait until all the kids are in bed to just have a minute in the tub.
  • People watching – park yourself at the airport, at the mall, in a food court. My husband and I like to make up what people are saying while we watch them from a distance. Weird? Probably…
  • Reality TV – come on, you don’t have to tell anyone. Nothing like a little Real Housewives to remind you that you sprint need no stinkin’ money!
  • Go for a drive – heck, this one you can even take the kids. Take one of those of side roads you have always meant to drive.
  • Read – I don’t know when the last time I actually read a book was, but you can always grab a magazine for a quick fix! Even if you have to lock yourself away for 15 minutes.
  • Meditate – I don’t know anything about this but I hear it’s great. Maybe we should learn together?
  • Take a power nap – I have friends who say “all free time leads to a nap”.
  • Go for a run – Or a jog, or a walk. Can’t get a sitter? Try walking around your yard for a few minutes. The sun and the fresh air will be a nice break.
  • Do your hair and make-up – Sometimes the act of just getting ready makes me feel better about myself and the day. (Occasionally I might even change out of yoga pants.)
  • Put on some music – Something you can sing along to will do nicely. When I have too much to do I just turn up some of my favorite songs and try to dance through all my busy.
  • Call a friend – It’s hard to maintain these relationships with how busy we can get from day to day. Take a minute to catch up with someone you have been missing.

So take a minute, hire a nurse, hire a sitter… Borrow a family member! At the very least, give the kids a special treat and break away.

I will hit on this ‘take care of you’ topic a lot I am afraid (at least until you listen to me… or I listen to me…) It’s important to do whatever it takes to come out happy and healthy on the other side, which not only applies to everything you do for your special needs family members, it also applies to YOU.

Do you have a suggestion that you can share? I would like to hear about how you take a break, please share in the comments!


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