Lice Prevention – Sorry about the scratching!

Lice Prevention – Sorry about the scratching!

Have you scratched your head yet? I can’t stop, just thinking about having to deal with lice makes my head itch all over like crazy! But guess what? Unfortunately back to school means more and more people are seeing reports of it in their classrooms, in their preschools and in their churches. I have had a few friends take to social media with mini-freak outs because they got a note from class telling them to be on the look-out.

The good news for me is that their social media efforts have given me plenty of tips to share with you about how to prevent those little bugs from being a hassle in your home! Here is what I found (and plan to implement ASAP – scratch scratch!)

1 – Add a couple drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo. It’s a natural deterrent.

  • Usually the more diluted the tea tree oil is the less expensive it is but people have reported success with any dilution.
  • Some people find the smell of tea tree oil too potent, I happen to kind of like it. (And having dropped a bottle off the counter and having it shatter on the floor, it’s a good thing.)
  • Generally speaking you add about 10 drops to each bottle, shampoo and conditioner and then shake it well.
  • If you can handle on going maintenance, some mothers add a couple drops to the shampoo and conditioner in their hands before they apply it to their child and they do this once a week.
    (Thinking about lice once a month is good for me though, so I choose the whole bottle approach!)

2 – Some people add tea tree oil to their laundry soap as well, about 20 drops works well in a bottle liquid laundry detergent, again, shake it up well.

 (You can find tea tree oil at a natural food store or at Walgreens.)

3 – There are a few lice prevention shampoos and sprays on the market, namely “Fairy Tales” shampoo and conditioning spray has gotten the highest marks from mommies in the know. I have heard wonderful things about them but haven’t used them myself. The spray has rosemary oil, citronella and tea tree oils in it and that, to me, sounds like it will smell wonderful! Lice Shield is another brand, also Zippety Doo’s.

4 – If your child is allergic to tea tree oil or you find it to be too abrasive, some mothers swear by Moroccan Oil. They wash their child’s hair and comb through some Moroccan Oil while the hair is still wet. There are also Moroccan Oil shampoos on the market.

5 – Lice don’t like dirty hair so in this case, the dirtier the better! If your child’s hair isn’t dirty and greasy then there is no need to use shampoo when you bath them regularly. Water works great and shampoo is generally only needed every 2 or 3 days.

6 – Use product in your child’s hair every day, the little bugs aren’t too fond of hair spray! You can comb mousse, leave in conditioner or detangler though your child’s hair when they get out of the tub to coat it. Keep it braided or styled if possible.

7 – Make sure your child knows how important it is that they NOT to use anyone else’s combs, brushes, hair ribbons, hats, barrettes, scarves and jackets while at school.

8 – Shared clothing areas also offer opportunities for them to spread. Places like lockers and coat hooks where your child’s coat might brush up against another can be a risk. Keep an eye on these items and try not to let coats mingle if possible, encourage your child to do the same.

Hope this helps someone prevent an up close and personal experience with lice. And again, I apologize for all of the head scratching that happened while you read this, can you imagine how many times I scratched while writing it?

If you know any tips that could be helpful to others, please share them in the comments!


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  1. A good comb is GOLD! The plastic ones that come with the over-the-counter treatments aren’t worth anything. Get a good metal comb and go through every day!

    • Shannon Anderson

      Thank you! I think you never ever think you will be the one who gets it, and then you are desperate for any help/advice/tips/tricks! Thank you, I imagine this is SO true!


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