A Budding Chef On Your Hands?

A Budding Chef On Your Hands?

Igot a notice the other day that there is a new cook book out specifically for special needs children and adults. Do you know an older special needs child or adult who can read and is interested in all things cooking related? You need to see this!

What a great tool to grow a life skill!  Building confidence in the kitchen starts early and lasts a lifetime.

The cookbook is called “Special Day Cooking”

What is different in this cookbook?

  • The fonts used in the book are a little bit bigger and easier to read so individuals can focus on the current task.
  • Directions are more specific and provide the tiny details that are assumed by typical cooks. Things like “don’t fill past the rim” and “do this over a bowl so you don’t spill”. Type of instructions.
  • Each recipe includes a step to put the ingredients and cooking tools away and to clean up their work space.
  • The recipes are progressive. They start out easy and as their develop cooking skills and become familiar with the process they get more complicated.
  • Safety! No knives are required other than an occasional plastic knife. The only cooking equipment required is a microwave, toaster and blender.

The author, Beverly Worth Palomba has experience teaching the developmentally challenged community, having worked with special needs individuals for over a decade. Prior to writing this book, she developed a cooking program in a high school environment where all of the recipes have been tried and tested.

If this is something that sounds like it would be interesting to a potential special needs chef in your life, don’t forget Christmas is coming! What a great gift idea! (Often older special needs children are more difficult to buy for!)

Read more on their website, specialdaycooking.com. (This is where you can order the book!)

We think this is pretty amazing! Happy baking!

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