25 things that make special needs parents happy

25 things that make special needs parents happy

1 – Watching friends, cousins, nieces, nephews, siblings and more treat special needs kids awesomely because of the influence your child has had on them.

2 – Finding doctors and therapist that believe in your kids as much as you do.

3 – Realizing that when random strangers tell you how “lucky” you are to have a child strapped in a wheelchair because their kids are running wild through Target they really have good intentions… really. (This applies to other inappropriate random comments… And yes, it really happened to someone I know.)

4 – Watching something that doctors tell you will never happen happen.

5 – Then watching everyone who ever believed in your daughter say “I knew it! I told you so!”

6 – Realizing that it’s okay if you don’t do EVERYthing the therapists say you should be doing, every day.

7 – Watching how much your kids love eachother and having your son ask “Where’s Dylie?” When she’s been in bed for two minutes.

8 – Having your special needs girl completely over-react and be dramatic (just like a little girl should).

9 – Being okay that your three year old still uses a 3 month old’s binki, her teeth are never going to be anything other than perfect (for her) anyway right?

10 – Being able to celebrate the ‘inchstones’.

11 – Having support from random strangers who you now call “family”.

12 – Realizing just how not alone you really are, bloggers, support groups, “friends”. I love my extended family.

13- Finding your dog sleeping right next to your special needs kid’s bed or door.

14 – Having your niece and other family members want one of these shirts (3elove.com) as much as you do.

15 – Having friends think of you first when they know someone who needs advice, needs support or just want someone to talk to.

16 – Having doctors say “We will need to fix it if she ever drives” and being able to laugh (and laugh at others who start laughing when you tell them!).

17 – Learning how to not compare your children to books, milestones, time lines or each other.

18 – Liking – Really liking the people who work with your children – teachers, therapists, nurses – and building lasting friendships with them.

19 – Knowing that someone has always been there before you and knowing that your that person for someone else.

20 – Having your child be the one to give others HoPE.

21 – Having your Pediatrician tell you that you’re right, regardless of what the other doctors think, because you’re a mom and no one knows their special needs kids like their moms do.

22 – Watching your child who was never expected to be able to make choices clearly skip over her least favorite song (The Lone Ranger Theme) on her favorite musical toy.

23 – Finding out that you have more patience that you (or anyone who’s ever known you) ever thought you would.

24 – Having random strangers come up and talk to my kids… all of them.

25 – Figuring out that you can handle anything that Heavenly Father throws at you (not that we are asking for it…)


Do you have anything else to add to the list? I am sure you do! Let me know in the comments!


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