A Note From a Stranger

A Note From a Stranger

I simply LOVE to share great examples of acceptance from the community and boy did I hear about a great one recently.

Prior to eating a couple at an Italian restaurant desired to pray to bless their food. They asked their waitress, my friend Emily, if she had anything that she would like them to include in their prayers. In the four years she has worked there she has only been asked this a handful of times, maybe 3 or 4, and this was the first since her daughter Kinley’s birth in January.

Kinley has brain malformation. Her future is unknown but, like many special needs mothers, Emily has learned to celebrate Kinley’s successes and take things a day at a time. Emily saw this as a great opportunity to spread awareness. She briefly shared Kinley’s story and thanked them for the offer. Extra prayers never hurt anyone.


After they left she returned to the table and found this note.

It reads:

We don’t always understand why such precious, innocent children have to suffer in this life but I can tell you that God loves you both so much. I pray that you and Kinley will have a blessed full life together. Our daughters also has a medical condition and yet God is so faithful & continues to provide. Never lose hope – the doctors are limited but God is not. Jesus died for our sins – that doesn’t mea our current lives will be easy – only that our future is secure in Him.
*God bless*

What a beautiful note from a couple who had been strangers to her prior to sitting a her table. Emily really needed to hear this message and knew that her support network would also appreciate this precious gift so she shared it, and I am glad she did. Several comments followed about what an amazing gift this was and how much everyone needed to be reminded of this message.

She is planning to have it framed and hung in Kinley’s room. It’s something that we can never hear too many times.

I love it and I know it’s a message worth sharing.

Have you ever received a kind note from a stranger. These surprise notes are my favorite kind and I would like to hear about it!


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