Special Needs Babywearing

Special Needs Babywearing

This is something that’s relatively new to me! Bear with me, we are all going to learn a little something new here!

Last summer we decided that we wanted to start doing all kinds of fun things with our kids. They are a little older, almost all of them walk where you want them to (where you want them to is the kicker) and it’s time to start making memories!

There is a place in one of the canyons not very far from me called the Fairy Forrest. People paint rocks and bring them to this little area in the woods a bit off the beaten path where they create a kid of fairy community. Fun! Then I recalled what I read, something about a dried creek bed? Not so dry some parts of the season? Might require some rock jumping or wading? Errr… wheelchair friendly? Not so much.

Or what about a cave adventure! There is a cave a couple hours away that we went to with some of our friends back when we were dating. Shoot, that was AGES ago! How fun to take the boys into a cave where they can kind of skip along a marked path, looking at amazing things and learning a little on the way. Yay! But stairs… like a hundred stairs down into the dark earth. Oh my… no stroller in this area.

Will my boys ever do any fun adventures again?

I started to look into baby wearing, specifically for large children. I was not looking for a mega back pack from some outdoor retailer. (Besides, the weight limit on those actually isn’t that high anyway. At least on the ones that I found.) I mean some sort of soft structure backpack. Was there such a thing?

Oh my word, yes! I found the preschool size KinderCarry KinderPack! Yes! It’s exactly what I needed! They go up to like 60 pounds! Huzzah! Get me one of those bad boys! But… psych… They are hand made, in the US, and VERY hard to get your hands on. So hard to get your hands on they resale for a hundred (plus) more than you can get them for new! So hard to get your hands on that they don’t let you enter a drawing to WIN one, they let you win the RIGHT TO BUY one. It’s unheard of. How am I ever…

So on a whim, I entered for the Right to Buy a preschool size, I had my husband enter too. (And, in full disclosure, I had some family members enter too!) Well, what do you know, out of 1506 entries, my husband won! WE GOT IT!

I am honestly so excited that I will be able to go on some summer adventures with Dylan on mine or my husband’s back. We are no longer limited to where we can go with wheels, just where we can go with 40 pounds on our back! I can’t wait to share some adventures with you!


For more information on carrying toddlers and preschoolers, I encourage you to visit the KinderCarry Website or FaceBook. Another brand, Tula Baby Carriers, are a bit easier to get your hands on and I believe their new style goes up to 55 pounds. Special needs parents, you can also search for “Special Needs Babywearing” groups on FaceBook for people with helpful tips, answers and recommendations!

Oh, one more thing, you know how I mentioned resale? The resale on these bad boys is crazy… except for within the special needs community. You will often find mom’s selling them for what they purchased them for (not marked up!) or even less, to account for the time that they used it. Pretty incredible right? Go Team!

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