Dr. Google

Dr. Google

That’s right, mom’s out there checking Google again, typing in all of the symptoms, hoping for a good match, hoping to find some answers. Don’t scoff! Don’t laugh!

Yep, we are those parents, those people who are always trying to diagnose on their own. We are the ones desperately seeking answers any way that we can and fortunately for us, we have a ton of information at our fingertips. We are the parents who want to find answers as soon as possible. We are worried, we are sad and we are scared.

The truth is, Google MD is invaluable to special needs parents. We deal with rare cases, so rare, there are no specialists for what we deal with. I believe, we are more likely than a doctor to find an answer because we are the ones who want an answer the very most.

This morning I read a story in a support group about how a doctor wanted to find an answer for a pediatric patient and was able to determine the rare diagnosis the child has simply based on her own investigation. The doctor had never heard of it and it’s extremely rare. The diagnosis has since been confirmed and doctors are working closely with this mother who’s child has lived longer than any other child with the same diagnosis. Even doctors are using Dr. Google for kids like ours.

I have had my own experience with Dr. Google that paid off. When Dylan was tiny she started having spasms, quick, frequent movements that seems to follow a rhythmic pattern. There I was, at the computer Googling, reading, watching videos, and what do you know? Finding answers.

As soon as I could, I called the doctor with an answer and, an undiagnosed seizure mom’s best friend, a vide. I was convinced that she would soon be diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. And also because of Dr. Google, I knew we had to act quickly.

Fortunately I have had doctors in my life who trust me.

After a quick EEG and some answers, Dylan was indeed diagnosed with Infantile Spasms, a particularly difficult to treat seizure type that causes damage to the brain and regression of learned skills.

I was so grateful for a mother’s willingness (and ability) to share what she went through with her child! It helped me act quickly!

Oh sure, use reason and use caution! Don’t get all out of control and crazy now. Anything you find will need to be officially diagnosed by a doctor but consider Dr. Google as a valuable tool in you special needs parenting tool belt.

Again – No one will be more successful than you on finding answers, because YOU are the one who cares the most!

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