I Can’t Wait to See You Bloom

I Can’t Wait to See You Bloom

I have made the best friends through social media – Really amazing and inspirations children and parents. One of my closer online friends Jamie posted this narrative the other day:

Last fall I sprayed vegetation killer on a small area in our backyard. I then placed these red bricks for a makeshift very-cheap patio. (It was a really ugly area, so even a cheap patio was better than what we had).

I hadn’t thought much about this area until I looked outside and saw these daffodil’s sprouting a few weeks back. Even then, I still didn’t give it much thought because I figured they wouldn’t make it very far, what with 20 pound bricks on top of them. When I got home from vacation I looked outside and noticed they were still growing, despite the odds.

They don’t seem to care that I *literally* tried to kill them. They don’t seem to care that there is a brick on top of them. They aren’t detoured. Do you see how crooked those bricks are? They were in perfectly straight rows before those daffodils started blooming. That means that the daffodils, which weigh, what, an ounce??? Are pushing those bricks out of their way.  Snow, wind, storms and every other weather condition had been unable move them. But the tulips did. The daffodils have one job and the bricks are in the way, so the only solution for the daffodil is to simply move the bricks.

I’m sure their little daffodil friends mocked them when they said they were going to move the brick out of its way. But they didn’t listen to the mocking, they just steadied the course.

Some of the daffodils are even growing in crooked, but they don’t seem at all slowed down by their slightly disheveled appearance. They weren’t able to completely move the brick out of its way, so instead they pushed as much as possible and then adapted to circumstances to accomplish their mission.

I have a lot of friends and family going through trials right now. The odds are against you. You’re facing problems without a workable solution. Be a daffodil. Push. Adapt. Grow. I can’t wait to see you bloom.

One of the great things about this post is that this was originally written about tulips because, not so much the horticulturist, they are what my friend Jamie thought these flowers originally were. So instantly I thought about the poem “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsly and my absolute favorite, far lesser known, narrative about it, “Amsterdam International” by Dana Neider. (Read this if you haven’t, I love it.) At least the first one is sent and circulated through special needs circles, new parents often see it, as it’s handed out to give hope that life goes on. Welcome to the land of the tulips.

So naturally, thinking these were tulips, and telling the story as if they were lead me straight to my special needs circle of friends. I look at these amazing children! Kids born with an abnormal brain, or disfigurement, or missing or twisted limbs that present a challenge to them, but yet cannot stop them on their path to becoming the best that they can be. To blooming. And how lucky am I to be able to see and experience so many children bloom. Their parents as well, blessed with what many would consider and obstacle, they choose to push forward, encourage and help their child achieve.

I think Jamie felt a little silly that she was touched as much as she was by these flowers but she was not alone. It was shared several times, even by random strangers. And I am so grateful that she shared this story and the picture with me. It adds to the many things that help me slow down and appreciate everything around me.

Were you as touched by this story as I was? I hope so.

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