In Case of An Emergency

In Case of An Emergency

I worry quite a bit how my family would respond to the fire alarm going off unexpectedly. Would they freeze, would they hide? Which ones would respond appropriately? My seven-year-old has been known to cry during drills at school, he cannot process the loud noise… and he is one of my typical children!

One of my friends recently scared the pants of her five children by intentionally setting off the alarms and having a drill about an hour after they had gone to bed. She said it was frightening to see that some of them just froze!

I thought this was a great idea and I plan to scare the pants off my children in the same manner sometime in the next few months.

But if I am worried about my typical children, what about my sweet daughter who may forever function on the level of a one-year-old? What if there is an older individual under your care?

Many cities have programs where you put a sticker on the home windows of people who are impaired in some manner and might not be able to get out of the house on their own. I know my state has a registry as well. You might want to see if this is a service available to your family if this is a concern. A simple Google Search shows me that there is likely one for every state.

But what about car accidents! What if you are unconscious and someone comes to help your special needs child. How will they respond, what will they do?

There are a few different medical alert window decals you might want to consider putting on your car to notify someone who comes to aide that they might not get the response they are expecting because they will be dealing with a child with special needs. The ones that don’t contain the words “on board” might even be good to put on a couple windows around your home.

Pre-order the decal you see in the main image here, she even donates a portion to a non-profit benefiting kids with Autism. This will take you to her FaceBook page, scroll down to find the post and the details on the non-profit benefitted.

Or here are some other options from Etsy:

Get this one here.

And this one here.

And another here.

Do you have any other idea on how to help your child in an emergency? Please share them in the comments!

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