School Picture Day!

School Picture Day!

The day that we get our kids all dressed up and looking their best in order to capture a moment that we can proudly hang up on our wall. Or at least try to capture the moment anyway.

I remembered that it was picture day today which was a big win. When mom’s forget about picture day you end up with something like this…

Yes, it's me. Circa 1983.

Yes, it’s me. Circa 1983.

It’s crunch time, time to get ready. Oye.

I scrub Dylan’s face really well. Poor thing, not a trace of an over-night runny nose, drool or sleepy eyes. Red though, now it’s a little red. That will fade… right? Lotion? Worth a shot.

I pick the cutest outfit that we have going on right now… or, the cutest one that will hopefully show the least drool. Inevitable by picture time, usually inevitable by the time we arrive at the school.

I do her hair in the cutest little messy buns sitting high up on each side of her head and hope that she doesn’t catch a finger in one and pull it half way out. Leaving hair straggling in a pulled out, half-bun on one side. It happens. Often.

I search for matching bows in the hopes that this is the one day that she won’t realize they are up there and won’t pull them out, or at least not both of them. Or maybe that her teacher and paras will at least see it’s happened and put them back in. Maybe at least one. Or, at the very least put one or both in her bag to come home.

I double check her feeding connections before I hit start on her pump. This would be a terrible day to feed her outfit and have to undress and redress and start back at square one. Must. Not. Happen. (It didn’t, phew! Not a trace of vanilla!)

As I dropped her off I planned to tell her teacher to please send someone with her who will sing to her to get her to smile. And not some easy song like Mary Had a Little Lamb or Happy Birthday, those don’t work anymore. I forgot. No one makes her smile like her family anyway, but maybe we will get lucky. Hopefully it will be at least a pleasant face?

Picture day serves as another reminder that we aren’t a typical family and Dylan isn’t a typical girl. We will be lucky if her school pictures turn out decent. It’s out of my hands now, I just sit back and wait. Either way, they will be pretty cute… right?

I wonder if special needs teachers get stressed about picture day as much as parents do when we take them to the studio. I remember when Dylan was in pre-school her teacher tried so hard to get a good picture, I think she felt bad when they didn’t turn out the best, and worse when I didn’t buy any.

In other news, I happily dressed and did her typical twin brother’s hair and quickly sent him off without a second thought. The only risk with him is one of those all-gum, angry kind of smiles you get from kids who aren’t sure how to smile yet.

And so we wait…

Do you have a non-typical picture day story to share? Do you buy school pictures? Does picture day stress you out as much as it does me?


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