5 Must Do’s When Picking up a Prescription

5 Must Do’s When Picking up a Prescription

1-Check the NAME on the prescription.
Are you sure it is yours?

2-Name of MEDICATION, including manufacturer.
All generics are not the same and your body might respond differently.

3-Check the medication DOSE and STRENGTH.
This is for two reasons:
1- Your doctor might have told you to take two tablets twice a day, so the doctor orders 5mg tablets. However, the pharmacy may not have 5mg tablets or the insurance would not pay for 5mg tablets, so the pharmacy gives you 10mg tablets without telling you. In this situation, you take one tablet twice a day.
2-if the strength and dosage is not correct, you may run out of medication before your refill date.

Read over instruction and warnings and feel free to ask your pharmacy questions. The LionHeart app has a list of medications you have taken. Make sure that you will not have any reactions to your medication and be aware of what a reaction to your medication would look like. Do not depend on the pharmacists to know your list of medications. Know your medication’s risks!

5-KNOW your medication.
Actually look at the medication. If it is a pill/tablet, know the size, shape and the number on it. If it is a liquid, know the color and the smell. Ask your pharmacists if you notice any changes when you refill your prescription. You may receive the same prescription by a different manufacturer, or you may accidentally receive an entirely different medication.


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