All About Perspective

All About Perspective

That’s it, I have lost it, I mean really lost it. I am wishing a positive diagnosis on my kiddo! Give me a chance to explain though… because I don’t think I am the only one!

Children with abnormal brains and others taking medication may not react the way typical people do to infection. A lot of times moms (and yea, dads too  sometimes!) know that’s something’s wrong. Whether it be the child is not eating well, sleeping a lot, lethargic, sad… or just a hunch deep in our gut. We know, we just know. Finding out exactly what is wrong is the tricky part!

So we visit the doctor’s office. never a fun place when you are so used to sheltering your children from illnesses! But here we are.

I always cross my fingers, and toes and eyeballs… as the pediatrician (or my cousin who is a Nurse Practitioner and very kind…) peeks into those ears. And then they tease! They are  always so silent after peeking in one side as they gently move to the other. And I just sit and hope… (crossing more body parts!)

Is it an ear infection? Please… oh please let it be an ear infection!

What? Did I just say that?

Well yea, I totally did. This is me wishing an ear infection on my child.

Hear me out… I wish for an ear infection because, when Dylan gets sick, she REALLY gets sick, and when we have a positive on an ear infection we have an easy answer that we can quickly treat and be done with! Hello friendly antibiotics!

If the answer is “no” to our little ear peek? The mystery begins!

Having a medically complex child who even knows what might be wrong if those first simple checks come up clean! We poke, we prod, if we have doctor’s cooperation, we test! And we wait it out. Holding our sad, sick kiddos, unable to help or make them feel better.

So yes, an ear infection stinks… but having a sick baby and no answers stinks much much more.

Who wishes an ear infection on their child? I do! And I guess it comes down to being all about perspective.

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