July is Cord Blood Awareness Month!

July is Cord Blood Awareness Month!

cord blood screen shot

Cord blood is blood saved from a baby’s umbilical cord and contains stem cells which can be help to cure many diseases and illnesses that were once considered untreatable.
Blood from the umbilical cord is drained into a collection bag and sent to a cord blood bank. The blood is tested and then frozen if it is clean and meets the bank’s standards. The stem cells available in cord blood are basically building blocks for one’s blood and entire immune system. Therefore, when somebody is diagnosed with a deadly disease such as Hodgkin’s Disease or Leukemia, the patient can get a stem cell transplant to rebuild one’s immune system and create new blood.
Cord blood is capable of treating many illnesses and is currently undergoing studies to view its effectiveness at treating autism and cerebral palsy. The blood is extremely versatile, as unlike bone marrow, cord blood does not need an exact or close match from donor to receiver.
Cord blood donation is rapidly growing in popularity due to its effectiveness in treating harsh diseases. Please consider donating.





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