Lionheart Press Release: February 4, 2016

Lionheart Press Release: February 4, 2016


Platform will simplify health management for both patients and caregivers

Seattle, WA––February 4, 2016–– L​ionheart,​an app that connects patients and caregivers for collaborative chronic health management, launched today. Founder and CEO Tammy Bowers was inspired to start Lionheart by the challenges she and her family encountered while caring for her son’s medical conditions. L​ionheart provides a single cloud-based source for a patient’s medical profile, simplifying collaboration and minimizing miscommunication between all caregivers.

According to the​Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare​, an estimated 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between caregivers during the transfer of patients. This is further complicated by extensive care networks which can include family, friends, doctors, nurses, and even babysitters or teachers.

“Improving chances for a patient to survive – or even thrive – requires care networks that are intimately involved in the day-to-day care management. Instead of waiting for the healthcare system to be advanced through government or policy, it is up to the patient and caregivers to take charge,” said Tammy Bowers, CEO and co-founder of Lionheart. “Through the ongoing care of my son who has a congenital heart condition, I understand first-hand the need for a solution. We need better tools to help ease the burden of caregivers who have to juggle it all.”

Benefits of Lionheart:

  • One cohesive source for information: U​ser-friendly tools designed especially for caregivers help to store all essential medical information in one place, and share the corresponding data with providers
  • Track medications:​Including dosage and frequency
  • Real-time updates so patients and their caregivers always know when care is given
  • Store comprehensive medical ID:​Organizes data on the patient’s condition, medication, medical history, and symptoms for easily retrieval during check-ins and for emergencies“After Lionheart graduated from Microsoft Ventures Seattle Accelerator last year, we’ve continued to support their mission by providing development support and connecting them to our pharmaceutical and healthcare industry partners,” said Mukund Mohan, Director of Microsoft Ventures. “Caring for a loved one can be extremely stressful. Lionheart’s powerful yet intuitive solution can be a game changer for anybody thrust into the caregiver role.”

    Earlier this year Lionheart graduated from the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Seattle, a mentor-driven program aimed at helping entrepreneurs scale with access to top business mentors, technology and marketing experts, office space, and resources to help them build

their c​ompany. The program is focused on improving startup products, refining pitches, and sharpening marketing skills as well as helping find investors, and networking effectively.

Lionheart is available in the App Store for all iOS mobile devices. T​o download, visit

About Lionheart

Lionheart was founded by Tammy Bowers, whose experience caring for her son’s congenital heart condition inspired her to help others navigate the healthcare system’s complexities. LionHeart provides a single cloud-based source for a patient’s medical profile, simplifying collaboration between all caregivers, families, friends, doctors, and nurses. Prior to graduating from the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Seattle, LionHeart ran a successful Indiegogo campaign, and in December 2014 raised an angel round from JW Capital. For more information, please visit h​ttp://​

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