Service Monkeys

Service Monkeys

Recently, I saw a man with a service monkey at the airport. Is your jaw on the ground? Because mine was, in amazement! I had to look it up right away and what I learned was amazing!

Service Monkeys
According to, “The most obvious difference between capuchin monkeys and other service animals is their dexterous hands and amazing fine motor skills. This enables them to perform tasks such as:

  • turning pages
  • scratching itches
  • retrieving dropped objects
  • inserting straws into bottles
  • turning on buttons/switches for remotes, phones, computers, etc.
  • repositioning limbs on a wheelchair

Other differences include:

  • their long life span of 30-40 years
  • small size which allows them to cuddle in their human partner’s lap or nook of their neck
  • monkeys have hair, like humans, which helps to alleviates problems with fur-related allergies

Monkeys also have a strong sense of hierarchy which provides the motivation to care for and be cared for by their human partner. Helping Hands trainers and placement staff utilize this natural hierarchy to create a mutually beneficial and nurturing relationship between the monkey and the recipient.”

Then I found this video showing a service monkey in action and helping this amazing young man. You have to watch this!

Other service animals include miniature horses and pigs. And if you’re wondering, most airlines do let them on planes to serve people with disabilities. Amazing!

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