Surgical Masks (A DIY!)

Surgical Masks (A DIY!)

This one is inspired by our very own LionHeart Innovations Founder Tammy!

Transplant patients take medicine every day to suppress their immune system, and for good reason! This medicine helps their body to not fight the donor part, in Tammy’s son Landon’s case, it’s his heart. You can read a little about his story here.

Kind of scary for a special needs parent to know that their child doesn’t have an immune system, as if sending them out into the world isn’t stressful enough! Any little cold for your child can send Landon straight to a children’s hospital for treatment. That’s scary!  So when the weather starts to cool, flu and cold season hits, Landon wears a medical face mask in all public places. Not only that, but when his family starts to come down with something, they wear a mask to protect him. Even the kids.

Landon is our own special needs model!


In order to make this as fun as possible, and yea… kind of special… Tammy and Landon’s grandma get together and make washable fabric masks for the whole family. This allows them to use any fun fabric they want for the kids. Landon can have a choice in which mask he wants to wear that day.

Tammy said that when Landon started school she talked to the teacher about Landon and him needing to wear a mask. She was very understanding and apparently did such a good job explaining it to the other kids that they all wanted masks too. (Pretty special teacher eh?)

They got together this past weekend to make some – This is the pattern they used. Face Mask Sewing Pattern. They were able to make 30 washable, reusable masks for around $10. Pretty incredible price for a “medical supply”! Make sure to finish one before continuing on to cut and sew additional ones. They found them to be slightly slim through the middle (from the nose to the chin) so they made them a bit wider in that area.

Landon even wears his when he is on the moon!IMG_1300

I know this post is rolling in after a weighted blanket DIY but I don’t sew either (non-sewers unite! Someday right?) I found a couple of difference face mask options on Etsy and I am sure there are many more. Here are some, and here are some others.

Special needs parents will do whatever it takes to keep their kids healthy, great idea Tammy!

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