The Peanut Doctor

The Peanut Doctor

There is some new hope for parents of children with severe food allergies. It’s creating some buzz in the special needs community and recently a news report caught my eye.

There is a doctor in Utah who is trying a dangerous new strategy to help kids tackle severe allergies.

This amazing new allergy treatment is given by Dr. Jones, who runs the Rocky Mountain Food Allergy Treatment Center in Layton, Utah – Where kids are being treated to overcome severe allergies to food such as peanuts, milk, eggs and wheat. Graduates of his program will ideally have diets that include the very poisons that could kill them today.

It’s ground-breaking and they say they are one of the only treatment center’s doing this in the mid-west.

Parents are coming to him with the hope of not living with the fear that they have to watch every food item that goes not only in their child’s mouth, but sometimes even around them or touching their skin. I have seen helpful travel tip where allergy parents are advised to cover their strollers for fear that another child might touch it and leave a trace of a dangerous allergen. It’s scary.

The process Dr. Jones uses involves breaking the food down to the protein responsible for the severe reactions, isolating that protein and slowly introducing the protein and the food into their diet. Kids are given weekly introductions of the food in a controlled environment. Building up gradually to eating a full peanut after about 6 months, and it can go from there.

As you can imagine this process and the treatment is very time consuming. It requires a lot of preparation, special training and special techniques. That explains why more doctors haven’t tried it yet but I am sure the demand is coming.

Children and parents hope to find a new found freedom of no longer having to live in fear of foods that can kill them.

(Of course, Dr. Jones warns that it can be life threatening, so don’t try this at home.)

For more information you can see the news article that I saw here.

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